Amanda E. Shore

From A Happy Client:

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect upon Violet Schmid whom I have had the pleasure of working with, both in selling and buying my home.

Very rarely do we find truly sincere and genuine people in this busy world, buying a home is a personal experience and an emotional one. Most people think about the money they're going to make, but Violet thinks first about how happy she can make you and wants to be sure you get what you want, and she never gives up.

She constantly works with you and for you, never does she not return your call, she is always there from start to finish.

Anyone looking for a truly perfect person to help and guide you in buying or selling your home, well you need not look any further!

She is the Angel of real estate. Full of endless energy and who never gives up until you have found what it is you want.

Roger H.

I worked with Violet Schmid and got the property after a 1 year lease with an option to buy.
It is so refreshing to have worked with Violet.  She worked above and beyond what I expected her to do regarding this property.  It was like getting small town, personal service in the big city!  She was always available to answer my questions and handled everything with a gentleness one doesn't find in our fast paced world.  Her sincere and professional manner never ceased to surprise me.  I wish there were more people that had her compassion and class. It would most certainly improve our world.
I will refer any and all that ask me about buying a home to Violet.  I will be comfortable knowing they are in good hands.  You can count on it. 

Ayanna H.

I can recommend Violet without hesitation. She is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and knows how to get top dollar for your house.
When other realtors thought my house was priced to high, Violet was able to get the full asking price. In addition to her many years as a realtor, she also had a background as an appraiser which allows her really understand how to market your house.
Violet is the best there is.

Bonnie C.

I have known Violet Schmid about 18-20 years as a person and a real estate agent. She has never been anything but kind to everyone, including me. I know that she has done numerous charitable things in Waynesboro, PA, including starting a shelter for the homeless.
In my dealings with her as a real estate agent, she has always been honest and fair and worked harder for everyone involved than any other agent I have ever met. She and her husband actually bought property from me about 10-11 years ago.
When I was selling a house in Waynesboro myself, she actually made up the contract and would not take a fee. She joked that I could buy her a cup of coffee and when I laughed, she said, “in Italy”.
If I call her, she will get back to me usually right away regardless of the hour. I know that she puts the clients before everything else. She and her husband were in Hawaii and she called me to talk business. Most people would not be calling anyone when on vacation!
I have a commercial piece of property listed with her now and know that if anyone can sell it, it would be her. She has gone to the Permit Office with potential clients to verify uses for the commercial property. Again, she could have just sent them.
If Violet Schmid is your agent, you can rest assured!

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